Sunday, July 19, 2009

Positive Impact of the Greenhouse Effect

Global warming is an event that caused the increased greenhouse effect (green house effect). Actually, the greenhouse effect is not a bad thing, just with the existence of the greenhouse effect the earth we can stay warm, even allowing us to survive until now.

You can likens our earth like a car that was parked in a sunny weather. You must be thinking that the temperature in the car definitely gets hotter than the temperature outside the car. Sunlight enters the car through the cracks in the glass window and automatically heat from sunlight is absorbed by the upholstery, carpets, dashboards and other objects inside the car. When all the object is to release heat absorbed, not all the heat is going to get out through a crack in the window, some of it will bounce back, heat will be radiated back by the objects in the car with a wavelength that is different. So a number of heat energy would stay in the car, and only a small fraction of energy which can escape. In the end, the car would have periodically increased temperature, the longer will be getting hot.

When the sunlight on the earth's atmosphere and surface, about 70% of that energy remained on earth, is absorbed by land, sea, plants and other objects. 30% is reflected back through the clouds, rain and other reflective surfaces. But 70% of heat is not always there in the earth, because if so then one day our world will be a "ball of fire"). The objects in the vicinity of the planet that absorbs sunlight back often radiate absorbed heat. Most of the heat goes into space, stay there and will be reflected back to the bottom surface of the earth when the substances in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor. The heat is what makes the earth's surface to stay warm than in outer space, because more energy is absorbed than reflected back. That event is called the greenhouse effect (green house effect).

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